Who Is Stuart Mellody?

Stuart Mellody – Property Investor, Keynote Speaker, Educator, creator of the SIMPLE System to Raising Finance and devoted father, husband and family man.

Stuart is a husband and a father above all else, devoted to his family and passionate about changing people’s lives. 

Stuart has been involved in property for many years, starting out at the age of 13 but had humble beginnings working on a building site.   What did change his life and would later pay it’s dividends, was Stuart’s ability to find a problem, figure out a solution and spot how he could convert it into an opportunity for others.

After leaving home and sleeping on whatever floor he could find, he was eventually presented with an opportunity that would change his life and soon see him take a significant step onto the property ladder. When speaking to a friend who was leaving town due to debts being placed on their council owned property, Stuart realised there was a way to solve this problem and help his friend. He proposed that he squat at his friends property and in exchange for letting him stay he would help him pay off outstanding arrears and continue to pay the rent. Naturally his friend agreed and Stuart went on to clear the debt and earn his stripes with the council, so much so that he received his first ‘rent book’ and with it his golden ticket – the right to buy.

A year went by and Stuart was in the position to exercise the right to buy and subsequently received a 50% discount on the property. Once agreed and the mortgage was put in place for 50% loan to value, Stuart had a feeling that he’d forgotten something….it was the deposit, he hadn’t paid one, he had just bought a property in London with NO MONEY!!! This opportunity had to be shared….


By the time he turned 30 Stuart had become a millionaire by helping people exercise their right to buy and filling empty council properties with tenants. He went on to build a portfolio and leveraged his success to set up a mortgage advice business and a construction company.


Then Stuart was hit by the 2007 credit crunch, things took a turn for the worst and he would eventually lose all but a few rental properties. The reality of the property cycle had set in and Stuart was faced with another life changing event…

In 2010 Stuart had a property that he rented out to someone he knew, this property was later raided by the police and found to be used as a cannabis farm. The charges were cultivation of cannabis and extraction of electricity, when asked if at any point he had become aware of the property being used to cultivate cannabis, he took responsibility and was later given a 3.5 year custodial sentence.

Throughout Stuarts life his set backs have always lead to his successes and this time it was no different. Faced with 32 hard months he was left with just one thing to his name – TIME. It was this time that Stuart decided to put to great effect and very quickly dedicated his life to his ‘why’ – educating, inspiring and empowering people to live extraordinary lives. It is Stuarts passion and belief that he has been through these challenges to share them with others, so they can go on to live the life they want.

Stuart studied his life and his 30 years of experience in property to better understand the process to his success. The more time he spent, the more obvious it became that every success was created with the same process which would later be coined the SIMPLE System.

There was only one way forward and for Stuart it was to test the SIMPLE System, but how could he do this from prison…

Using the SIMPLE System he was able to raise £1.4M JV Finance whilst being in prison, obtaining planning for 10 apartments and sourcing a property for £1.1M. Once this had worked Stuart was able to communicate his success to the prison governor, which led to his day release to work on his own project. The process of interacting and transacting with the prison was the first signs that the SIMPLE System did work.

On Stuarts release from prison in 2013 there was no doubt in his mind about what he was going to do, it was time to put the SIMPLE process to the test on a new platform and what better way to do it than building his property business from scratch. In his quest to educate, inspire and empower the younger generation he decided to start by working with his daughter Mica. This would be the beginning of an 18 month period that saw both Stuart and Mica find, fund and complete on 18 properties in as many months. Effectively they were back on their feet, with investors on board and a share of a property portfolio valued at £3.25M, life was good. However, Stuart knew it was time to call upon his experience as he didn’t want history to repeat itself.

Stuart needed an exceptional circle of people around him and contacts that would expand and change his lifelong network, not to mention an excellent environment to learn and grow his education through the best mentors he could find. He turned to communities such as Progressive Property where he was introduced to Rob Moore, Mark Homer and later John Corey. It is now recognised that this was the stepping stone to the next stage of his journey and through his own grit and determination one that would see Stuart take his business to another level.

The following 24 months would see Stuart moving into property development, expanding his network and build a team of professionals around him and Mica to develop a number of commercial projects. The team consisted of a property risk consultant, a OBE specialist in Corporate Governance Trouble Shooting for the Bank of England, an expert in Raising Finance and a specialist in Asset and Wealth management. The team are working on a 34 apartment project with a GDV of £5.2M and are still actively working together today.

Stuart studied his life and his 30 years of experience in property to better understand the process to his success. The more time he spent, the more obvious it became that every success was created with the same process which would later be coined the SIMPLE System.


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